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I STARTED working with flour and powders as a main composite of my work in 2017. For me, the elemental and simple properties are mesmeric and offer a way to create art which is both divinely simple, beautiful, worthless and priceless. Below are some of the highlights of my work- which doesn't hang around.


At the start of my exploration came Xii, and initial series of 12 sculptures, all made out of the same 10kilos of flour. This Piece functions as a playful deconstruction of modernist expressive authorship. It interrogates, and irritates the perception that art is a bound construct, conceivable by only astute creative minds; this is flour, pushed around the floor of a studio.

THe piece best functions as a live, process sculpture. Right and below Are figures I - XII, arranged at MY studio in Abbey Road.


These Pieces, still in development and in various sizes and scales create illusions defying the properties of the BASE MAterials. 

The process of creating these pieces is as much a part of the artwork as the finished products. Following an almost ritualistic process, with simple tools and methods, the pieces can take hours, even days to complete. 


INSPired by the mandala practice of Tibetan Buddhists who spend weeks or SOmetimes months making the beautiful and elaborate mandalas on the floor out of vibrantly contrasting grains of sand. UPON COMPLEtion, they blow it all away, So as to demonstrate the fleeting impermanence of life. The process of gently placing flour in intricate patterns demonstrates the fragility of the whole.

Untitled ¦¦¦

untitled ¦¦¦ investigates the relationship between flour arrangements and imposed sculptural elements. Looking at Liminality and spatial relationships, combined with the randomness of flour arranging , the piece is the start of a field of eploration. 

Untitled III.jpg
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